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Time:2019-10-17 14:31:34
Name: Joanna
Level: NU
Joanna是个外向的姑娘,走到哪里,哪里就会像一场欢庆,沃尔得没有人不认识她. 她钢琴超好,在活动时常能露一手。但让我印象最深的是她学习英语的动力源泉,她不为升职,不为考试,就为了挚爱的儿子,梦想将来能和他走遍世界。梦想的力量是巨大的,当她下决心要做好一件事时,已经没有什么可以挡住她。
Student’s thoughts
Hi everybody, I’m Joanna. I was very surprised to be nominated as one of the outstanding students.
First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to World for the recognition and encouragement to me. As you know, I’m a piano teacher and also a mother. Everyone asks me, “why do you want to learn English?” Neither to get promotion, nor for the exams. Just for Joey-- my dearest son! I find it’s so important to learn English. When I travel around the world, I will use English. Even when I buy milk powder for Joey, I will use English. Therefore, I came here. At world, I am very happy to know a lot of friends, and thank you for your help.
大家好,我是Joanna, 得知我被提名为优秀学员,我感到很惊喜。
首先,我要为沃尔得对我的认可和鼓励表示感谢。要知道,我是一名钢琴老师,也是个母亲。人人都问我: “为什么要学习英语?既不为升职,也不为考试。只为了Joey,我最珍爱的儿子!我觉得学习英语如此重要。当我周游世界时,我要用英语。因此,我来到了这里。在沃尔得,我很高兴认识了许多朋友,谢谢你们的帮助。
If you really want to know how to learn English, I think there is nothing difficult in the world. Only if you make up your mind to do it, are you sure to win the final victory. That stands to reason. Thank you!
Tutor’s comment
Energetic as well as outgoing, confident along with brave, here comes Joanna getting better and better. I hope that with this opportunity she can become one of the lighthouses in World shinning over the black sea of English. Every tutor here witnesses her changes and there is no word enough to express how delightful we are. English is just like this, once you set sail, keep going till the end of the world. We trust, that you can fly even higher. Keep fighting! Joanna!
ESL teacher’s comment
Joanna is a friendly and positive student who really enjoys coming to World. She brightens up the room with her happy smile and enthusiasm for learning.
She is making excellent progress because she is brave enough to speak out in English—even with her Chinese friends. Be like Joanna and make a new habit for yourself: USE the English you are learning through real-life conversations.
Speak! Speak! Speak!
她正在取得惊人的进步,因为她勇于开口说英语——即便和她的中国朋友。 要像Joanna一样,养成这样一个习惯:通过真实场景中的对话把你学到的英语赋之实践。

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